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Hospitality and concern for kids

The first time I met Nazir Ayaz Sahib was at a Tahir class camp in the late 80s. I was among the handful of kids from Boston to stay at the camp at Baitul Zafar. He would visit us every night and ask about our experience. He always made a point to make sure the kids from outside the NY area were comfortable. For many years afterwards, whenever I met him, he'd always ask about my experience at the camp.

I never really appreciated his hospitality until many years later when I was responsible for a small camp and realized that I couldn't remember any of the attendees names. For him to remember my attendance was remarkable and I've never forgotten his loving concern for the kids.

In fact, wherever we visited NY he made sure the guests were treated with care. May Allah reward him for the many years he served as President of Queens Jamaat. May Allah elevate his status in Paradise and grant him Janatul Firdos. Ameen

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