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Native Genius

My earliest memories of Ayaz Sahib ("Ayaz Uncle") go back to when I was just in elementary school. My approach to Jama'at service was borne from his guidance, support, and most profoundly, by his model. He was kind and gentle as well.. when mistakes were made, he never held a grudge. I made many mistakes, but I never felt the urge to avoid him afterwards. He had a knack for assigning duties based on the strengths and interests of the assignee.

I enjoyed the duties he assigned me, and as a result, grew a stronger attachment to the masjid and Jama'at service. Lastly (for this post, as there are so many other things I could expound on), he told really funny jokes.. ones that I stole with pride and shared with many others. May Allah ta'ala grant him forgiveness and grant him Jannatul Firdous, as well as grant continued patience and support to the bereaved family.


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