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Nazir Ayaaz Sb - Ever ready to help

My parents were flying in from Pakistan a couple of years ago and their flight plans got changed at last minute due to delayed flights and they ended up landing at JFK. I was panicking as their was no possibility for me to be in JFK (live in WI) and was concerned what they would have to face all by themselves in NY. Their connecting flight had to be the next day so they were going to spend the night in NY.

With all this commotion, I reached out to Nazir Sb for any possibility of help. Nazir Sb, comforted me and said that it will be taken care of. To my surprise later, he went by himself to the airport and waited outside to meet and greet my parents. As luck would have it, my parents were given hotel options and were sent to that hotel by the airline so they were never able to hook up with Nazir Sb. Nazir Sb still waited outside JFK for almost 4 hours to be sure before going back.

When I met him and thanked him and apologized that he had to wait so long, he did not even want to acknowledge any of that. To him it was just another day, working to help out a fellow Ahmadi. Would be missing this treasure of a person. May Allah grant him high stature in the Heaven.

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