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Nazir ayyaz

I met Ayyaz sahib in 1983 in a regional jamaat meetin in Staten Islan where I recited a poem and he liked it. Every Juma we gather at Shaheen sweets in Jackson Heights. After few months we had our own place called BaitulZafar in Queens. I had the honor to covert that building in to masjid. At that time we were getting threats from non Ahmadis and Ayyaz sahib requested every member of jamaat to protect our property.

So I had the honor to stay in BaitulZafar for security at night few times. At that time there were not many members of jamaat in NewYork. He was working with everyone tirelessly. Every time you go there you see Ayyaz sahib. He was very loving,himble person. He was a very devoted person. Any time you need something from him he is there.

I served as Sec TJ from 1988-1990 in his Aamla. He had administrative capability. At that time it was only one jamaat,now Mashallah several . Lots of memories but I could only think few. May Allah give him higher status in paradise. Aamin

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