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persistent, hard working and loving

I got to know Ayaz sahib in various capacities. I admired his persistence, hard work and love. He was persistence as he was very ambitious in every project. He would reach out to the UN to get meetings, or invite the Governor of NY to come to the mosque. Always pushing the envelope.

He always developed an ethic of hard work and getting involved. you can tell he knew the details, he trusted people to get the work done and was always available.

His love was ever present. When I was job hunting, he invited me to his house and invited others whom I can network with. When he was working on projects he would reach out with love where you could not say no to Ayaz Sahib. He also welcomed many immigrants into the US as NY was first port of entry. He has left a great mark on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and on many many individual lives.

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