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Silent Mentor

I have had the honor of meeting with the late Nazir Ayaz on multiple occasions, but the interaction that stood out the most was in December 2013. I was attending my first President Refresher Course as newly elected Sadr of LA East Jama'at. I was 37 years old. I happened to be sitting beside Ayaz Sb.

Someone amusingly pointed out that the two presidents with the least and most experience were comparing notes. In fact, I was seeking his advice, as it was his 30th year as President NY. I found him to be very humble, pleasant and calm.

He told me his secret was that he always stayed behind the scenes, he visited his members regularly (almost daily), and could always be found at the mosque. Since then he has always been my silent mentor.I will miss him dearly and will forever benefit from his wise counsel. May Allah raise his rank in paradise.

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