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I had an honor of working with him to organize Tahir Class to teach children and as a halqa nigran. I found him to be an exemplary leader and a distinct servant of Jamaat.

He had many qualities that it is difficult to list them all, but I would like to share three of them.

He was a future planner! He would always have a very long list of goals planned much in advance, which were then delivered 100% on time. For instance, every beginning of the year he would plan the entire year’s schedule which would include ijtemas, Tahir classes, children camps, Interfaith programs, health programs, Humanity first programs, etc. Each year he would schedule various outdoor activities, like picnics, river rafting trips, sport games, etc. so everyone can be included in activities.

His another talent was that he knew his jammat members at a very personal level. Meaning, he would have a strong knowledge and understanding of people’s strengths, skill sets, educational level and other characteristics. Which he would then knew how to utilize to benefit jammat.

Last but not least, he was a leader who actively took steps to assist and support his teams. Ayaz sahib would contribute and often go out of his way to help other office holders perform their duties up to their best abilities. For instance, he would personally call each member of his Jamaat to find about their well-beings, Chanda dues, inquiring parents about their children attending classes, etc. so the workload is shared.

May Allah Taala grant him a high place in paradise and enable us to follow his good work.

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