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Fondest Memories of Ayaz Sb

My fondest memories of Ayaz Sahib - Habib Shafiq Sahib Florida

Home go back to the mid 70s and mid 80s . Specifically, Ataz sahib, was the Team leader and among the most diligent dedicated and eager New York team members that would assist each US delegation/ group, who were arriving into New York, to travel to Pakistan and India for the Jalsa Salana. In those days we would fly PIA international airlines.

There were only two flights out to Pakistan each week. We would arrive in New York early, excited to not only go to the Jalsa Salana, but to see the "The big city"New York , New York! Despite all of his logistical , hosting, lodging duties, Ayaz sahib was always most accommodating kind relaxed and he seem to never ever be ruffled by anything ! I was blessed to have made five of these trips to New York city and I was always impressed and inspired by Ayaz Sahib's extraordinary kindness and his abiding sense of service to us!

For example, he knew that we were very fond of going to the Shaheen restaurant, and so he would always arrange the most marvellous lunch/dinner arrangements for us at our favourite New York eatery. In addition, he had the tedious responsibility (and headache) of chasing down late , lost or misplaced luggage that would be coming in from various airports in greater New York. Yet, he always made sure that we had every possible convenience and everything that we needed so we could concentrate on the Blessing journey of going to Qadian, and Rabwah. He had a most easy pleasing disposition a most enduring smile , He was a very remarkable soul.

I shall miss him dearly, Habeeb M Shafeek.

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