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A Man whose actions spoke the Words

I have known Nazir Ayaz for a long time, even before he became the President of New York Jamaat. I found him to be very anxious to serve Jamaat in whatever capacity he acquired and carried it to perfection . He gave me an impression that he has figured out his life schedule in entireity and he carried out his duties as per the schedule he had figured out in his mind. Not wasting a moment.

It appears his schedule came to a completion ... He departed to meet his Creator.

I was struck by one statement that Mrs. Ayaz made about him. Mirza Wasim Ahmed of Qadian, while visiting USA ,came to New York. He was taken on a sightseeing trip of the city. At the end of the day , when they returned , Ayaz Sahib asked Mian Wasim Ahmed Sahib: " what did you like the most?" Mian Wasim Ahmed replied: " Truly speaking , I liked you( Ayaz Sahib) the most. ". This sums it all.

May Allah exalt his status in the Heavens and make us follow in his footsteps to carry out our duties. Ameen.

Dr. Shahed Ahmed Staten Island

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