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Memories for a lifetime

In the early 80's the USA Jalsa's use to travel around America. Our family had the privilege of seeing the United States with Phopajaan Nazir [may AllahtAllah raise his station in Heavan. Ameen], Phopijaan Farhat and Asma ji.

With 4 adults and 3 children in a 2-door Volare, we made some great memories. For those trying to visualize this - all I can say is; thank goodness for the leniency in road laws. I spent my summers in New York learning the Holy Qur'an, Namaaz and many dua's from Phopijaan; while Phopajaan feed us aam on a daily basis. JaazakAllah Phopajaan and Phophijaan for having such an impact on my formative years.

May I be able to make a small change in the world, to reflect an iota of the work our dear Phopajaan has done in his lifetime. MaashAllah.

You shall be missed. Love you always, Wasallam Naheed.

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