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Missing my friend everyday.

There are no words to express how I feel after the loss of my dearest friend, Nazir Ayaz. One of the most incredible human beings I have ever met. I remember when we first met at my apartment right after he had arrived from London. Later on he became The President of our Jamat for so many years and during all these times he was the best President any Jamat could ever have. Loving, caring, responsible, efficient, punctual, humble and much more.

Just a week before he passed away, we spent about two hours at The University Club and before he left, he visited the library of The Club and asked me If we could donate The Holy Quran and some other books about Ahmadiyat. It was a great idea, so I introduced him to the librarian of The Club and we received a positive response and Inshallah I will surely fulfill his desire in the near future. After our meeting he rushed to meet The President Of General Assembly at the UN so he could arrange an invite for Hazoor to deliver a speech.

We had been trying to achieve this purpose for so long and I had given up of this idea but our beloved, Nazir Sahab, would never give up. In his honor, I am going to continue to achieve this goal. Now that our beloved President and my friend is gone, we can already feel the void left by his passing. May Allah grant him the highest rank in Jannat.

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