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In Memory of our most beloved Mohtram Nazir Ahmad Ayaz Sahib: Memo from Hadi Nasir sahib

The New York Jamaat is holding this important meeting at the sad demise of our most beloved Mohtram Nazir Ahmad Ayaz Sahib, to offer our sincerest condolences from the depths of our hearts to the grieving family and relatives. We share their pain, grief, and sorrow. It was a very dreadful day when we received the news that our very beloved President Mohtram Nazir Ahmad Ayaz had left us forever to meet his immortal creator, Allah. Every eye was shedding tears, every heart was filled with grief, and everyone was shocked. Of course, this reaction was natural. Mohtram Nazir Ayaz Sahib was such an amazing person who had devoted his life for the duties of the Jamaat. He just had a part-time to make a living. He spent all of his time working towards accomplishing Jamaat affairs. His work was not limited to a matter of a couple years. His time spent working for the Jamaat is spread across half a century. He has been involved in Jamaat activities since he migrated from London to New York. He performed different duties in various positions. In 1979, he was elected President of the New York Jamaat.

His outstanding excellence and leadership is verified by the fact that he had been re-elected in every election since he received the position. He performed his duties as President up until his last breath. It is for these reasons that his companionship, his compassions, and his sweet memories became a part of each one of us. An era of history came to an end with his departure. Mohtram Nazir Ayaz Sahib had accomplished so much as President that it is not possible to fit it in this resolution, not even briefly. Every member of the New York Jamaat had tears in his eyes due to his kind and gentle manner of treating everyone. It was a very touching scene.

An Arab poet has narrated it very beautifully in a couplet. He says: "0' Man it is you, who was crying When you were born. And people Around you were laughing with joy. Now you can get even with them by Doing good deeds. So at your death When you depart from them you would Be laughing, and they would be crying That such a good person is being taken Away from them. " This was exactly the scene at the departure of Mohtram Nazir Ayaz Sahib. Everybody around him was crying at the viewing. He had the most blessed ending. Allah lifted him up towards him in the blessed month of Ramadan on a very blessed night.

Mohtram Nazir Ayaz Sahib had countless good qualities and he had done innumerable good deeds, it is truly impossible to encompass all of them. Those are long narratives. Inshallah, some day an Ahmadi historian will compile those. However, one of his great deeds must be mentioned. Allah gave him the strength and opportunity to expand Allah's house twice. The first incident was when the Brooklyn mosque seemed insufficient for the growing Jamaat members, it was proposed to sell that space and acquire a larger one. Mohtram Nazir Ayaz Sahib spent two years and found a nice building in Queens for Bait-ul-Zafar mosque. Its purchase was not easy. He contacted every member of the Jamaat to collect funds tirelessly. The second instance was when that building also became insufficient.

He formed a team under his supervision to find a big suitable place. After many years of searching, a place was found, but its price was so astronomical that in everybody's sight, it was impossible to purchase. However, Nazir Ayaz Sahib had made up his mind that, come what may, he would buy that space for the New York Jamaat. In unfavorable circumstances, with untiring efforts and his team, Mohtram Nazir Ayaz Sahib raised enough funds to make its purchase possible, and with Allah's grace and blessings, Ayaz Sahib achieved his goal and the New York Jamaat got this beautiful new Bait-ul-Zafar mosque. Mohtram Nazir Ayaz Sahib loved Bait-ul-Zafar mosque so much that he was constantly trying to decorate it, until his last breath.

Today with grieved hearts and tearful eyes we say goodbye to him with this prayer. 0' departing one! May Allah shower His Hundreds and thousands of blessings and Mercies upon you. May he give you the best Reward for your services which you had Performed for his Messiah 's Jamaat. May Allah beautify your house in paradise As you had made His house beautiful with Great love and affection. Ameen. You have achieved the purpose of your life. We look at it with envy. You are happy to meet Your Rahman Allah, but we are grieved with your Separation.

We do not like your separation from Us, but we surrender our wish to Allah's will. And Allah's will is: 0' soul at peace, return to thy Lord Well-pleased with him And He well-pleased with thee And enter thou among my chosen children And enter thou my garden. We, New York Jama'at Amila, promise to keep Nazir Ahmed Ayaz Saab's legacy alive.

Posted by shoeb abulkalam

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