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In Memory of Nazir Ayaz - september 3rd, 2016: To all my dear ones - Message from Sir Iftikhar Ayaz.

To all my dear ones Assalaamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah May Allah keep you all in good health and comfort. May He keep you under His special care and protection from all hazards at every moment of your lives, Ameen. It has been extremely hard to come to terms with the devastating grief of our unique Nazir who was an absolutely precious gem, not only for the family but the Community worldwide as well. It is not possible to count all his personal qualities or the beauties of his character.

He has left an indelible impact on our lives and the hearts of thousands who came into contact with him... His simple and selfless life with a heart replete with the passion to serve others made his exceptionally loved and respected, in fact adored, by others. The best we can do to prove our love for him is to follow in his footsteps and resolutely dedicate ourselves to serving the Jama'at as best as we can. The universal accolade our family has been blessed with is just because of our devotion to and sacrifices for the Jama'at and our love, loyalty and obedience of the khalifa.

My revered loving father spent all his life living with that spirit and Nazir was a shining example of that spirit. We must keep that light of devoted service shining always, generation after generation. Our worldly engagements and pursuits must not deter us from attending to our utmost fundamental, precious and paramount obligation; God will enrich us with such provision, peace and comfort that we can never imagine. Those who passionately serve Allah's Jama'at receive Allah's special favors and bounties which no one can earn otherwise. You are all MashaAllah God loving and intelligent and I am sure you are with me in what I am trying to say. Let us all, wherever we are, vow to build a closer relationship with the khalifa. This relationship should be of a sort that we need no introduction when we meet him. We should vow to give time regularly to serving our local Jama'at in whatever way we can. Do not vie for offices, just seek the pleasure and love of Allah.

Watch your prayers and fall in love with the Holy Quran. And pray for me - that Allah enable me to be a respectful example for all of you. With affections, Very humble yours, Iftikhar Ayaz

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